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Post surgery care

Hi to all. Let me introduce myself, I´m a caregiver. Im taking care of a VET with Parkinson´s disease and now he have to decide about having sirgury and remove his gall blader due stones. In 10 years he never had any trouble with it untill two months ago that one stone move out of the blader and cause obstruction but finally disapered and all came back to normal, never had any pain. Doctor want to remove it and other doctor think that we have to think about the recover affter. I had mine removed long time ago and unfortunatelly they couldý make it with laparoscopy and had to open my belly and i had such a very bad time recovering up to 6 month ..and i know if that happens with him wiht Parkinson´s is going to be a nightmare. We think do not attemp the gall balder remove unless he have future pain or another trouble. Any opinion about will be apreciated..Thanks.
Sorry about my english , im Spanish and i try my best.

  1. Hi, Raul72 - thanks so much for posting in our forums, and welcome to our site! This is definitely a tricky situation. I can definitely understand your concern due to your problematic experience with gallbladder removal. Since we cannot provide any medical advice on this site, I wanted to share an outside resource with you: This site has a forum where you can post questions to doctors about different aspects of PD. I hope this is helpful. We'd love to have you come back and keep us updated! Thanks again for sharing with us. - Chris, Team Member

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