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Possible early onset Parkinson’s

Hi. My first symptom was a severe change in handwriting. I’m left handed. General dystonia started on right and was on left within weeks. Dystonia is severe, and had dbs in February.
The symptoms that could be Parkinson’s are on my right side. I also experience internal tremors often. My question is can your Parkinson’s symptoms affect your non dominant side while only affecting your dominant side with writing.
I’m getting a second opinion on Thursday, due to not really seeing any improvement and my movement doc acts like there’s nothing else to try. Thanks so much.

  1. Thank you for your comment, Jshet22. I am a lefty PwP also. My first symptom was micrographia too. As you may be aware, Occupational Therapists may be able to help with your handwriting issues. You are on the right track in speaking with your doctor about your other medical questions. Please keep in touch about how you are doing. I care,
    Marc M., Moderator, ParkinsonsDisease.Net

    1. thank you do much. I appreciate your kind words. I’ve been a little nervous, so this made me feel better.

  2. Interesting questions! Left handed vs. right handed! I'm not a PwP but my father is. Just to note that I'm left handed. (: Go lefties! Interesting too that I just noted with my dad (PwP age almost 87) has amazing dexterity for his age! He can still write somewhat legibly and use eating utensils fairly easily. I'm amazed how Parkinson's is different for each person regarding their physically abilities. Has anyone else found this to be true?
    Best regards, Suzanne Troy, Team Member

    1. Hi, i’m a leftie too, and have had a rapid degeneration in my writing. My movements have become jerky and I find it hard to form letters properly. I often feel like my arm is only held on with rubber bands.


      1. Hello @dkoh, If you were not able to read the previous advice on this thread about difficulties in handwriting, the suggestion was to check with your doctor and/or an occupational therapist to help with this. Best regards, Suzanne T., team member

    2. Hi I am ambidextrous and therefore can sometimes adapt tasks accordingly. However my handwriting did begin to deteriorate. As a former kindergarten teacher I started using many of the techniques used to teach penmanship. Just making loops and doodling can help with flow. There are also many practice books available online and at many stores. I write something everyday even is it is just a post it note. My writing has improved significantly as long as I don’t try to do my whole Christmas card list at once. 5 a day is my limit. I hope you will give these suggestions a try and let me know if they help.
      Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

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