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Positivity leads to normality

Best attitudes with Parkinson's is that when your thoughts are all positive your, rigidity becomes soft and you are able to move normally, based on my experienced living with this Parkinson's disease for about 8 years now. So as to being happy gives me good mood and keeps me away from anxiety.

  1. Hi Jeehan,

    We appreciate your response! Awesome that you are using your attitude of positivity to keep you balance with your PD. Can you share any tips with our community on how you are staying so positive? We learn from each other so any thoughts you can share is appreciated!
    Best regards, Suzanne Troy, Moderator,

    1. hello there,YES,being positive keeps me Normal with my Pd especially ion my balance,thinking all the time that my family loves me,my husband,my children,my parents,feeling that I am normal,that in my own little ways I can help my husband find ways earning little by selling assirted goods with my sari-sari store,and that with my neighbors they are able to adjust when dealing with them,because of myself confidence,even though I'm reality my movement is like turtle as my kids yell at me,...hahaha,

    2. Hi Jeehan, Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts! You are fortunate to have a loving family to support you! Great tips on how you feel normal in your own little ways! I say we all have issues and it's figuring out how to deal with them...especially during this time of COVID.
      Take care,

  2. There's a lot to share with my experienced having this PD,...

    1. On the other side,having PD,is very depressing,knowing that "it's a lifetime illness,a chronic disease as my neurologist explained to me",I feell bad about it,The fact that I am suffering from the burden of buying medicine as part of healing,without assurance off 100% cute,only to alleviate the pain.Still, l stand with the FAITH to GOD,that I can and will survive,believing LOVE WILL KEEP US,ALIVE..

      1. Thank you for your comment, Jeehan. I hear your frustrations about having PD. I agree with you. I am glad to see that your faith is keeping you positively focused. Best, Marc M., Moderator, ParkinsonsDisease.Net

    2. thanks for that great information, I agree with you, the doctors say there's no cure for PD but I disagree, they don't know but my God does and I having faith that He will restore my health to its original form I'm doing what the doctors advise but my hope still lies in God's healing hands

      1. thanks for replying, my doctor started me on trihexyphen, I'm still waiting for it to take effect. Do you know of any support groups in the Bowie Maryland area? If so please forward me the information. I would be doing great if the tremors disappear. I had them before when I was dealing with a very stress situation and one day they just left and did not last as long as they are not. It's been a year now that their still here.

      2. Hi Retta, You might have called them already but try the Parkinsons Foundation in your area for support groups. Another way, call your local hospitals and ask the neurology department if they know of any community support groups. Finally, tr your county government for Parkinson's support groups. Regards, Marc, Moderator, ParkinsonsDisease.Net

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