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Has anyone's wife having Parkinson ever wanted to stay married and not live together because she doesn't want you to go through it

  1. Have you considered seeking couples counseling. Having PD I understand how she is feeling as she wants to protect you from the future. Perhaps
    therapy will be helpful in finding ways to supplement caregiving and still remain together. I wish you all the best. Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

    1. I was wondering how you and your wife are doing and if she has overcome her feelings of not wanting to be a burden to you going forward. Many of us have the same anxiety and any suggestions as to how to overcome it would be appreciated. I have found forthright conversations helpful but the lingering discomfort remains. Thank you for sharing your wife’s concerns as so many of us share them.
      Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

      1. How are you and your wife getting on these days? I hope you have been
        able to convince her that you are there because you choose to be. It is indeed a difficult and emotional path to be on. Have you been able to find any outside emotional support?I am concerned about the two of you.Please let me know how you are doing and if there is any way we can be of assistance.Wishing you all the best. Thea

        1. First off thank you all for the support but we have filed for a divorce. Once I took her off my insurance for other reasons she didn't mention staying married and living 1400 miles apart anymore. This has been building long before she was diagnosed. Once again thanks I love you all and yall have no idea how the support made me feel. God bless you all.

          1. I am so very sorry to hear of your decision but sometimes it is indeed for the best if all other possibilities have been explored. Please don’t be a stranger. Thea

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