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Kidney disease

Recently I was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is related to Parkinson's? This seems to have come on suddenly. No previous symptoms. Dr said I have thickening around the wall of my bladder.

  1. Hi - Thanks for submitting your question. I was able to find a study on the subject of kidney disease/renal failure and Parkinson's here: Did your doctor have anything to say on the matter? - Chris, Team

    1. Thanks for information. It seems Parkinson's can cause all types of secondary illnesses. I also did some research. I found an article about protein and levadopa. Which may cause problems.

      1. Currently I am working with a nephrologist. I am scheduled for a CT scan and hopefully will have an idea what is going on.

        1. Hope you can keep us updated on what you find out! Wishing you a relaxing weekend. - Chris, Team

      2. Will do. Thanks for your help

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