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Deep Brain Stimulation ~ Operation Complete!

My young brother just successfully had DBS op!

He is almost fifty, battled for almost a decade! Watched him deteriorate! Wife left him! HIs young son looking after him! Could not not walk, stumbled everywhere and was falling a lot.

We eventually got the medical aid to come to the party and I took him down to Cape Town three weeks ago for the operation! it was dark when he went in and it was dark ten hours later when he emerged, straight into ICU for observation.

Ten days later it was the moment of truth, the programming..... The great reset, we hoped....

Cut to the chase, my brother can now drive again, walk without any noticeable signs of distress and the shaking has practically gone!

The most important thing being that he has decreased his tablet intake from 12 tablets a day to one!

What a game changer. My brother has got his life back and as the young programmer explained to us, the tech is changing so rapidly that there are bound to be breakthroughs!

She reckoned only about seventy people a year in South Africa have the device implanted into them. Most doctors out here still prefer to try and handle the disease with tablets.

I am thankful for the advancement in technology!

  1. thank so much for sharing part of your brother's journey with us! So thrilled to hear he had such success with DBS! Please know our community is here for you both anytime. Wishing you both well. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

    1. What a wonderful and inspiring story! May your brother continue to enjoy improved life quality for many years to come.

      1. So often we hear of DBS that has proven to be somewhat of a disappointment that it is awesome to hear of such a wonderful outcome. As you stated as more surgeries are done and more techniques perfected the more successes that can be expected. It must be a joy to see your brother so improved. Please keep in touch and let us know how he is doing. It is an inspiration to those contemplating the surgery.
        Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

        1. Interesting, it took me quite some time to be convinced for DBS, really nervous about the actual procedure. I finally decided to get it, and cannot say enough good about it. My tremors are 99% gone and I cant once again take care of myself, including eating. I highly recommend DBS provided your doctor says its time. I have met some other PD patients who waitied too long and their doctor has said, its past that time.

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