Sharon Krischer


Sharon Krischer was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in October, 2009 after several years of experiencing odd symptoms. Ever since she has read everything she could find on Parkinson's with the goal of finding a way to move on - literally - and not be defeated by the disease. A busy person prior to her diagnosis, she continues to find ways to fit more into her days than most people. Daily exercise is a key component for her to live successfully with PD. She continues to play tennis, badly, goes to yoga and boxing classes, travels around the world and more. In addition, she is often asked by friends to speak to a relative/friend/co-worker who has been newly diagnosed with Parkinson's. As a result, Sharon started "Twitchy Woman's Adventures with Parkinson's" to encourage the exchange of ideas and solutions with other whose lives have been affected.

Sharon lives in Beverly Hills, California, with her very supportive husband, Joel. They have three daughters and four grandchildren.

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