MaryBeth Skylis

”Parkinson'sMary Beth Skylis is an outdoor enthusiast with a penchant for words. She spends her time traveling to remote spaces around the globe, using them as a medium to educate and inspire herself and others. In 2015, she hiked the 2189-mile Appalachian Trail. The 4.5-month journey took her from Georgia to Maine, where she learned how to survive on her own. Not only did it teach her how to survive, it also taught her how to thrive. After she reached the end of the trail, she knew she had to share her stories with the world. Her first publication was a survival piece about a woman she met along the Appalachian Trail. And it wasn’t long before she fell in love with the craft of storytelling.

When her Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2013, she turned her focus towards the disease. What was it like to journey through a degenerative disease? Are there ways to make the journey easier? And how do we find ways to remain hopeful? Questions like these motivated Skylis to continue her exploration of words on a Parkinson’s platform. She joined the Parkinson's News Today team and soon jumped on the bandwagon.

Skylis continues to write about her adventures on Her work can often be found in Backpacker and Outside Magazine. And she looks forward to continuing her literary journey.

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