Emma Lawton

”Parkinson'sEmma was previously an advocate on ParkinsonsDisease.net.

Emma was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 29. Making it her mission to raise awareness about the condition and continue her life as she planned, Emma campaigns and shares her story on social media, published her own book on dealing with Parkinson’s and recently video blogged her life for 365 days. This year Emma is doing something new every day and blogging about it at www.thef---itlist.com to shine a light on the importance of investing in our own development and happiness.

She featured in the BBC2 documentary ‘The Big Life Fix’ where Microsoft’s Haiyan Zhang created a bespoke wearable device that allowed Emma to write and draw for the first time in years.

Emma works as Devices and Apps Strategist at Parkinson’s UK part time but the majority of the week you'll find her at a tech business incubator called Zinc where she's trying to create a company that will change the lives of the older generations.

When she's not working or blogging Emma is either sleeping, eating or trying to remind her friends who she is.

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