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  • Hello! I work in an adult day center and have watched one of the participants steadily decline over the past 6 months. She hasn't been diagnosed with PD but a lot of her symptoms seem to jive. She has lost 30 pounds in nearly two months, she will suddenly vomit while eating, even though she's been diagnosed with dementia her confusion has rapidly increased. I noticed a tremor in her right hand probably a year ago. She is in a wheelchair for prior medical problems but just a year ago she was also using a walker. Now she has nearly no strength in her legs to get out of the chair and transfer to the toilet. Her legs are stiff and it's a struggle to get her to take three steps. She seems to have her urges mixed up - she needs to use the toilet but nothing happens. Ten minutes later she will have urinated in her briefs. She turns down all food because she's full and has now been vomiting during lunch. She barely eats her lunch as it is. Her left leg and toes have suddenly swelled up yet she only complains of back pain, as she has for years. Her confusion is progressing and she struggles to keep up with conversations. I want to help her family with useful suggestions. Does this sound like PD? Most dementias aren't this rapid. She is declining each day. I don't want to alarm her family but something is going on. Should I suggest PD as a possibility so she can be referred to a neurologist?

    What tools or devices have you found helpful in managing your PD symptoms? Which have been unsuccessful?

    My husband was just diagnosed with Parkinson's. He's had balance issues for a couple of years. He uses a walker and a scooter now. At first the doctors said it was Vertigo and Neuropathy only. He was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam and is 71 years old. I was wondering if other people who were in the Vietnam war have Parkinson's.

    Many people will be invited to gatherings to celebrate the final weekend of summer this weekend. However, for some people, these gatherings are difficult due to their symptoms. Thus, I was curious if anyone had any strategies or tips that could help people who are experiencing issues while trying to balance socialization with Parkinson's. To all of you, enjoy the Labor Day weekend and here's hoping you avoid the winds and rains if you're in the predicted path of Dorian.

    Hi all, I'm not much of a user of support forums, really not at all to be honest. I'm a relatively younger guy in my early 40's. Considering I have recently been diagnosed with early onset PD after the last 2 years of many specialist referrals, imaging, lab work etc to rule out/figure out what might be causing the issues and symptoms I have been living with and that have been progressively getting worse I thought I might start here. So hello everyone, any thoughts or suggestions on how to move forward in my life in general now?

    My husband is 52 years old and he and I went for a walk the other day. I noticed when he walks he doesn’t move his right arm. His dad has PD and he has seen how much he has deteriorated over the past couple years. It’s very hard for him to see that. I want to talk to him about him seeing a doctor, but I have a feeling he will be in denial and not want to talk about it. It’s just the conversation I’m dreading. Any suggestions?? Thank you.

    Be cautious of brand name stimulators. I have replaced 2 electric cords in 3 years. then I think it plays with the numbers you are set too. it is a respected brand.

    I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in August 2018 and trying to stay positive and trying to adjust to life exercise daily and tired alot having a hard time sleeping and feeling alone

    I'm a 75 year old man, in Feb. of 2013 I had my first DBS implant,(for the left side) to control severe tremor, I had it done at the Cleveland Clinic, and couldn't of been more pleased with the good results! Then in Sept. of 2015 I had the DBS for the right side implanted, again very happy with the results! If you are a good prospect for DBS because of your severe tremor I would, from my personal experience say go ahead, it sure helped me! I've seen at least 95% improvement on the left side, (I'm left handed) and about 85% to 90% on the right side. If you would like to know more about my condition and DBS experience I could tell more of it, If you comment on this post, I'll write more.

    My friend has non-tremor PD. He is 79 and has been on medication regimen for over 1 year. Neurologist recommended altering diet to avoid proteins causing Off time too soon. Trying to eat proteins only at evening meal or when you can afford to expect Off Time. He has lost 25 lbs. in 3 months and is at ideal weight for his height but should not lose any more weight. Anyone come up with good breakfast, lunch. Snack, dinner ideas that help meds keep working? Do eggs at breakfast trigger ‘Off Times’ or should be ok? Also - he takes meds every 4 hours. Do you wait to eat 2 hours before and 1 hour after? Or any suggestions? Thank you @campbell08527

    Hi everyone. I'm very scared right now. I have been experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson's disease since I was 15. I remember always wondering why can't I move my legs when I want them to. It felt as if they were glued to the ground. Why does changing facial expressions suddenly feel so hard. Why does what I say feel as if I am slurring or it is monotonous. All these things doesn't happen with me often. I'm 19 now and I still experience all that sometimes and all that happened with me today too. So I thought why not google my symptoms. I'm very scared. All my symptoms show that I have Parkinson's. I don't know what to do. If I get it at this early age I will become a burden on my family. I already have so many problems to deal with and getting this will just break me😭

    My husband is about 8 years into his PD diagnosis and is dealing with increasing paranoia and making unfounded accusations. Has anyone else dealt with this? And if so, have you found a way to effectively respond to the evidence of these symptoms?

    Hello - I joined today to offload really in a safe environment and maybe get some tips/pointers. I care for my husband who has had PD for 20yrs, he is 69, we live in the UK. Last summer ‘Forest Gump’ kicked in and because of this his falls escalated (I call it Forest Gump as he can’t stop running). A lot of his falls are down to not being able to risk assess and he thinks he knows best. The start of this year he had a heart attack, was hospitalised locally then moved to a Specialist hospital 2hrs away whilst there he had a cardiac arrest in front of me, stopped breathing, was resuscitated with CPR & electric shocks, spent a week in critical care & 21 days later is allowed to come home. Every day he was in hospital I was with him from 8am to 8pm. exhausted was an understatement and that exhausting feeling stays with me. I do everything in the house & outside (3 acres), we have 2dogs oldest one is 16yrs & had her 3rd stroke last month, I slept with her on the floor for 2wks - slowly slowly she is getting stronger. My husband (when reminded/constantly nagged) uses a frame in the house 80% of the time, the other 20% he is like a pin ball bouncing off the furniture/walls. I am constantly on heightened alert to noises/bumps and run like a mad women fearing he has fallen. Last week we got a mobility scooter which for the first time in ages has allowed him outside & we walk the perimeter with the healthy dog daily. His day he wakes 7am’sh stays in bed till lunchtime watching TV - he does come into the kitchen for his breakfast then returns back to bed. I use to bring his breakfast to him, that’s stopped now as the carpet & his surrounding area had breakfast as well, I was hoping with him having to come to the kitchen for his breakfast he would then stay up for the rest of the day. When he does get up he moves to his chair in another room & continues to watch the TV till bedtime. I feel like a broken record from continuously encouraging......nagging....shouting ‘he needs to exercise’ (1) for his Parkinson’s (2) preventing the next heart attack. We have had a treadmill for 3mths now, he has been on it twice! We rarely go anywhere, he doesn’t want to & if we do he wants to come home not long after arriving. I feel my days are 24/7 caring/washing/cleaning/grass cutting/cooking/shopping - since his heart attack life for me has stopped, it feels like I haven’t taken a breath. I am sooooooo angry as I feel things could be different if he made just a little effort - am I being selfish?

    Hi I would like to chat with other care givers, My husband sleeps a lot and when he walks loses his balance so afraid he will fall

    New there. Still in denial and scared. Have all the symptoms. Need support.

    My family has been struggling with my mom the past few months. She was diagnosed with early-onset pd 20 years ago. Over the past year...especially the last 5 months, she's rapidly deteriorating. She falls multiple times a day, has broken her hip and arm and yet she refuses to use her wheelchair. She's forgetful, agitated, and has a very hard time talking. Is this type of behavior common with PD? Refusing to let people help and denying there's a problem?

    My dads 79 and has had PD for 7 years. Probably stage 3/4. Has tried different meds but now on 2 sinemet plus(25mg) tablets 3 times a day. After he takes his first 2 in the morning he goes into a zombie like state unable to lift his head or eyes. He looks dazed but can speak. This lasts until about an hour before his next dose and then it all starts again. He gets a few hours each day in between taking these meds when he feels relatively normal. This can’t be right? Any advice. Thanks

    Hi everyone! I would love to solicit your thoughts on revealing your PD diagnosis at work? I have been advised by my neurologist, family and friends to NOT reveal it at work because they can use it to terminate your employment. Then, you read that there are protections for being terminated because of a PD diagnosis, but HR groups can be tricky in disguising that reason when you're let go, so how to prove it? PD websites give varying advice: don't reveal your PD diagnosis until you're ready to ask for accomodations vs. reveal it because you will miss out on a lot of support, and hiding PD is stressful and exhausting. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance! Jennifer (BakerandShaker)

    Anyone have impulse control disorder side effects from sinemet?

    Does anyone use essential oils to manage the symptoms of PD?
Viewing 20 topics - 1 through 20 (of 50 total)