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What is the hardest part of living with Parkinson's disease?

  • By Anonymous

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to the forum. I am a trainee medical student hoping to specialise in neurology. I have a particular interest in Parkinsons disease and I wanted to get the prospective of you, the patients, on the hardest part of living with the disease. This can be anything from the symptoms themselves to the effect they have on your daily lives to the social stigma you may have experienced.

    Thank you for helping to broaden my understanding,

    Best wishes


  • By Jeff Dyche

    Hi Chris,

    For me, and I’ve had it only 3 years or so, it is not knowing how fast it is going to progress. My dad has it and his symptoms are fairly severe but his spirits are good and he still goes to boxing class when he doesn’t freeze up at home. So it is a little scary not knowing, but still knowing if that makes sense. Others that have had it for much longer I am sure have very different perspectives. I am 51 and I worry that I may not be able to work until retirement is an option. My dad was diagnosed when he was 66 and had retired already. So, again for me, it is the uncertainty of how it will impact my career.