This isn’t a rant or poor me.

What I deal with as care giver is, like everyone, juggling care, personal wellbeing, household chores, and extended family obligations. My husband is 84, I’m 81.

One of the few activities I try to do daily is muscle massage for my husband. He did the “big” at the “Big and Loud” program which taught me a lot about the effects of Parkinson’s. The muscle massage is just an extension. It seems to help his mobility.

Even though we have, fortunately, 2 hours a week of cleaning help, I feel like my husband takes a back seat to all the busy stuff, like grocery shopping, laundry, house repairs and maintenance, correspondence… goes on and on.

A few days a week, before getting my husband up, I either walk or go to the Y to spin (on a bike), weekly band practice, and an occasional bridge game.

This is the problem: any time when either I or a visitor isn’t directly interacting with him, he sleeps. I’m at a loss as to finding something that will engage him. He even goes to sleep watching golf or baseball. He had been an active golfer, gardener, woodworker, reader none of which he can do as the results of the big P. He can’t focus long enough for books on tape or movies. Needless to say, he is takes a low dose antidepressant. ANY SUGGESTIONS?!

This web site is helpful as is the local support group…..he won’t go but I find it inspiring to see people actually making the best in spite of Parkinson’s.

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