Traveling with PD

Spotlight: Traveling with PD

Whether you're considering a long vacation, short weekend getaway, or just going to the store, traveling may seem like it's out of the question for people with Parkinson's disease. With some preparation and advanced planning, travel can still be enjoyable! For the month of July, we'll be discussing travel tips when living with PD. Have tips and suggestions of your own? Get involved! Visit our forum to post your travel advice, submit your travel stories, or tweet to us below!


For PD patients: Does your PD make travel difficult?


For caregivers or care partners: Does your loved one\'s PD make travel difficult?

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Are you a PD patient with tips to share about traveling? Weigh in on the discussion!

Or are you a caregiver or care partner of someone with PD with tips to share about traveling? Learn from others who have been there and join the conversation!

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When it is time to head to the grocery store or time for vacation, symptoms can be very difficult to manage. Share a travel story with us and share your experience with others.

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I love to travel! Exploring new cities, discovering unique architecture, historic sites, bucolic power spots and new restaurants are adventures that l really treasure. Doing the touristy stuff can be very enjoyable, but going where the locals go can be even more fun and insightful.

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