Spotlight: Mental Health Month

Last updated: September 2018

The month of May is Mental Health Month, so please join us in raising awareness for the importance of mental health. Many people with Parkinson's disease (PD) suffer from different mental health conditions. Caregivers or care partners of people with PD may also suffer from mental health conditions as a result of the challenges that caregiving can bring. Though the stigma surrounding mental health can be difficult to navigate, please know that you are not alone. Help us spread awareness for PD and mental health by sharing your stories, voting in our PD and mental health poll, following us on Facebook, and tweeting to us on Twitter, using the hashtag #IntoMentalHealth

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It Isn’t Over Till It’s Over
By Peter Whyte
It is very typical for newly diagnosed PD patients to spend the whole first year waiting to die and being very depressed about their prospects. After that first year, most Parkies wake up and realize there is a whole lot of living left to do and they find ways of integrating the disease into their life.

Mood Changes
By Editorial Team
Parkinson’s disease (PD) can have several effects on a person’s mood. Up to 60% of people with PD experience depression, and between 25 and 45% of people with PD experience anxiety. While simply dealing with a chronic condition can cause these mood disorders, depression and anxiety are also clinical non-motor symptoms of PD.

Mental Health and Counseling
By Editorial Team
When a person with PD experiences mood changes, they may withdraw from seeking help. However, talking about symptoms including mood changes with a healthcare professional helps create more of a sense of control and enables the doctor to better understand how PD is affecting the individual.

Taking Care of the Caregiver: How To Prevent Caregiver Burnout
By Editorial Team
While the caregiver or care partner is generally focused on providing assistance and support to the person with Parkinson’s disease (PD), the caregiver also needs support. Being a care partner can be challenging and stressful, and as PD progresses, additional strain is put on the care partner.

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