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Whether it's ensuring that the correct medication schedule is followed, driving to a doctor's appointment, or helping with everyday tasks, caregivers and care partners of people with Parkinson's disease wear many hats to care for their loved one. These challenges can make it very difficult for the caregiver to care for themselves, which can lead to frustration and burnout.

For the month of November, we're celebrating National Family Caregivers Month - spearheaded by the Caregiver Action Network - to acknowledge and honor the work, love, and care that is poured out while being a caregiver to someone with Parkinsons's disease. Join us this month by sending us your questions, sharing your story, or getting feedback from each other in our forums below!

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For caregivers or care partners: do you incorporate \"me time\" in your daily schedule?

With all of the challenges that come with caregiving, what’s one positive experience you’ve gained?

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Caregiving for someone with Parkinson’s can be very demanding. What are some tips that you have to cope with the daily challenges? Join the conversation!

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We have plenty of ways to get in touch with others and their experiences with caregiving for someone with Parkinson's. Join us in our discussion about caregivers all month long and use the hashtag #Caregivers!

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