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Caregiver Awareness Month

Caregivers want to ensure that their loved ones are receiving the best care possible. For many caregivers and care partners, attending medical appointments is one of the biggest ways they're involved in a loved one's Parkinson's journey. For the month of November, we're recognizing Family Caregivers Awareness Month, and talking about the significant role caregivers play in making optimal health care decisions with their loved ones. Taking time to ask important questions about care options can be key!

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Have you noticed that your loved one is not responding to treatment and brought it up to their doctor?

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Have you asked your loved one what their treatment goals and preferences are?

Illustrating Your Caregiver Story Giveaway

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We have plenty of ways to get in touch with others and their experiences with caregiving for someone with Parkinson's. Join us in our discussion about caregivers all month long and use the hashtag #Caregivers!

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