Finding Control During Unpredictable Times

I cannot sugarcoat this nearly as much as I would like to, but right now, there are reasons to be afraid! I fear for someone close to me, I fear for myself, I fear for people across the Earth, and I fear for people that I have never met-- my fear has legitimacy. There is no denying or avoiding the reality of these challenging times. This pandemic worries me because it is so contagious, so elusive, and so unpredictable. It is to be avoided at all costs and not to be messed with, especially with a medical condition.

It is only natural to be afraid

Fear is a natural instinctive and primitive sense. Fear has helped keep me alive. Taking precautions and not allowing myself to become paralyzed by the fear is probably my first major hurdle. Limiting direct contact with others, washing my hands more than I am used to, and wearing my Lone Ranger villain-like mask are my best weapons to protect me and others from this pandemic.

As someone with Parkinson’s, I most likely am more susceptible to the virus. In a time with so many new changes and unknown threats, getting used to this new normal will take a little time and flexibility. The calendar moves forward, yet, sometimes, I feel like I might just be standing still.

My schedule, besides writing, revolves around neighborhood walks, frequent Zoom and Facebook Live events, and an infrequent car ride to just charge the car battery. It is nice to get a glimpse of fresh scenery now and then.

Moving ahead

This virus has caused me to revisit and renew my focus. As I mentioned, the new and important part of my daily routine has become Facebook Live speech exercises (SPEAKOUT!) with the Parkinson Voice Project and Zoom sessions with my Rock Steady Boxing NOVA friends. I am driven to slow my progression of Parkinson’s disease. I must take advantage of the tools that I recognize to be beneficial.

I remain diligent about keeping a six-foot or greater distance, when in public. Until I know more, most actions outside the house will be done while wearing a mask. For my sake and those I love, it is because of Parkinson’s disease that my new normal is going to have to be to stay the healthiest, and the strongest that I possibly can be.

Gratitude and awareness

I have extreme gratitude and thanks for each day, even if the days of the week seem to run together. I work every day to not be cornered by this viral attack. Every day is a new opportunity.

If we are aware and vigilant about our choices and follow CDC guidelines, our risk to the virus is dramatically reduced. It is our duty to our family, our friends, and our community to see that we not make the viral contamination worse and endanger anyone else.

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