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Image of woman in a meditation pose.

Finding Inspiration to Get Through the Hard Days

In April, we recognized Parkinson’s Awareness Month – a time to share information, spread awareness, and talk about the day-to-day of living with Parkinson’s Disease. To wrap-up Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we asked our PD community, “What brings you inspiration?”. Keep reading to learn how our community members find their inspiration to get through the hard days.

Inspiration through faith or spirituality

“My father used to quote scripture regarding his PD.”

“My wife said – the day she found out she had PD – that if the Lord brought her to it, he would see her through it”

For some of our PD community members, faith or spirituality offers inspiration. Whether you rely on prayer to get through challenging days, or have faith that God will comfort you as you begin to plan for end-of-life care, many of you rely on your belief system to appreciate each and every day. For some patients, a spiritual or religious leader can also serve as a source of support and guidance when facing the challenges of a chronic illness. No matter what you believe in, for several of our community members, your inspiration comes from your faith or spirituality.

Inspiration through music

“I won’t back down. -Tom Petty.”

“I like to listen to gospel.”


Did you know that music can reduce stress, improve cognitive function, and improve mood?1 In fact, music-therapy may even improve both movement and psychological symptoms for those affected by PD.2 While music has proven therapeutic effects, many of our community members also rely on music for inspiration to get through their toughest days. While some find inspiration in catchy rhythms, others are inspired by uplifting lyrics. For these community members, music is motivation, helping you to confront new challenges or manage difficult symptoms.

Inspiration through mindfulness

“I have a mantra: ‘Tomorrow will be better.’”

“Shuffle along…inch x inch, block x block!”

Much like uplifting lyrics or messages through song, some community members rely on mantras, intentions, or personal slogans to find inspiration. Many forms of complementary and alternative therapies (such as yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi) rely on intention – the idea of being mindful of your personal goals and principles. Like these forms of complementary and alternative therapy, some community members rely on intention, mantras, or slogans to find inspiration throughout their PD journey.

Inspiration through family

“[My] grandson… a sweet little boy”

“My daughter’s son calls me every day just to remind me he loves me….my animals who depend on me get up and take care of them…a wonderful husband”

“My husband…you are so strong…We will not let Parkinson’s win.”

To find inspiration, several of you rely on the love and support of family. For some, your family members give you the support you need to keep fighting. For others, your family relies on you, inspiring you to keep going, even on the most challenging days. If you need help talking to your family about PD, we encourage you to check-out this article, or provide your family with resources for caregivers.

For our PD community members, inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes. While some of you rely on spirituality or faith, others rely on music, mindfulness, or family. To share your source of inspiration, or for additional support, connect with the PD community, and tell us your story today.

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  • Dan Glass moderator
    2 years ago

    I’ve seen a lot of posts lately about music. I personally wouldn’t want to be in a world without music.

    The sound of sunshine by Michael Franti is amazingly upbeat for tough summer days.

    This guy and his wife are new to blogging the PD scene, but they have a lot of music playlists (and other info) on their sites.

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