Gift Ideas for People with Parkinson's

With Christmas coming up, many may be feeling rushed to get that 'perfect' gift for a Parkinson’s loved one. But, then again who has time to go shopping as a caregiver? Perhaps you are the one with Parkinson's disease with a whole list of gifts that you still need to buy, and you're not sure where to start. And maybe you don't have much energy to go shopping, wrap gifts, and do all of the other things that must be done. What do you get someone who is chronically disabled or for someone who is confined to their home?

Gift ideas for people with Parkinson's

Despite our daily needs and circumstances, we all like things that inspire us, entertain us, or make our lives a bit easier and more comfortable, especially if living with chronic pain, dystonia, or tremors.

The more fun, wacky and whimsical the better, I always say!

Gift idea #1: A book/prop holder

A book holder may also be useful since from experience I know that dystonia can make it hard to hold a book. Another great gift for an avid reader who has trouble reading due to visual problems or to physical impediments is an audio book. I have truly enjoyed listening to my favorite authors on cd when I was down and bedridden. They are also very good if traveling long distance like going to doctor's appointments which often times can be miles away. These are fairly inexpensive. Having a book on audio can also be soothing to help someone fall asleep at night or decrease sun-downing.

Gift idea #2: Television and movie subscriptions

Subscriptions, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are incredible helpful. On occasion, they have helped maintain my sanity. I absolutely love watching movies, something I inherited from my grandmother. Being bed/homebound on many occasions due to pain, weakness, or inability to drive, I have certainly made good use of these subscriptions; even exceeded my limit recently when I was down with a virus for more than 8 weeks. For the first time in years, I learned that there is such a thing as a limit on usage! Not only are subscriptions good when you are alone and need entertainment, but they can turn into a family bonding experience as it does for me and my daughter.

Gift idea #3: Gift certificates to massage therapy

Massage therapy gift cards are great especially to alleviate pain caused by dystonia and rigidity. For the last couple of weeks, I wish my masseuse was still working because I have been experiencing unusual leg cramps and needing my husband and daughter to massage my legs regularly. The great thing about this is that, in most communities, there are professionals who are able to come to the house and perform these services if you or your loved one are unable to drive or are homebound. Finally, many offer aromatherapy massages which can provide an extra level of relaxation. But, before you do this may want to ask around if any take your health insurance – although not many do, it is still worth asking.

On that note, all I have to say is, thank goodness for the internet!! I could not survive shopping for the holidays or any other time without it.

Don't forget to give the most important gift - YOU!

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