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Is it Anxiety or Depression or Parkinson's?

At the age of 79 I became extremely anxious/depressed as a result of worry about my husband's open heart surgery (which turned out quite successful).
I began a series of anti-anxiety drugs under the care of a psychiatrist (which do not completely control the anxiety/depression, but make it less severe).  Three years later I was diagnosed with Parkinson's.  No one can tell me whether the drugs caused the Parkinson's or whether the anxiety/depression was an early Parkinson's symptom.  It is very puzzling.  
I have an awkward gait and anxiety/depression and sleep a lot at night (10 hours) and take several naps during the day.  It is hard to get anything done when I am always so fatigued.  

  1. Hi , thank you for sharing a bit of your story with us. That both very frustrating and confusing. Also wanted to say that, dealing with the fatigue is one of the most common challenges to figure out. How can we best support you?

    1. Hi Genealogy Barbara, Your anxiety and other symptoms could be related or not. It would be best if you set up an appointment with a Movement Specialist to be fully evaluated. In the meantime here is an article that might further explain Parkinson's Disease and diagnosis: Keep in touch with us to let us know if we can give you more info.
      Best regards, Suzanne Troy, Advocate,

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